EntomoLabels software is a free tool for designing and printing labels that you can use to organize and arrange your entomological collection. EntomoLabels provides a variety of free label templates that can be easily customized. You can configure labels with parameters (length and width) and customization features (tags, text boxes, lines, frames and images). Labels are fillable and editable – you can add an unlimited number of items. The final layout depends merely on your imagination and creativity.

If you have any questions, need further assistance or templates, please feel free to contact me.


  • New version 7.4.01 news
    – zoom – a changed way of displaying on graphic bars, converting screen pixels into millimeters generates many roundings and gives different results on different monitors, it is difficult to find a golden mean
    – search –  the search will always be from the current record down, of course, if we use the automatic numbering of specimens (# 0010) then the number of the specimen will also be searched in the range of the starting number … starting number + quantity
    – export – I added the „Open” icon, you can choose an existing file to export – the data will be added at the end or overwritten, this will simplify many things and avoid creating a large number of files with small portions of data; for now it will be possible to export to TXT and CSV.

    – labels size – up to 100 mm width and 100 mm height , it will be possible to create large labels with any complexity, for use in many biological collections

    Implementing these options will take a while, I hope it will be useful for everyone.

  • New version EntomoLabels 7.3.01 has been released.
    – you can change the names of labels in the list (by default, this is the name of the template)

    – 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 point fonts have been added. (not all the configurations are satisfactory, Windows 10 gives the best results)
    – the print algorithm has been improved
    – options are located in the drop down button on the toolbar in the EntomoLabels section
  • New web page has been started, For now in the simple version but will be systematically expanded.